What's New

  1. API: You can now delete forms using the API


    It's now possible to delete forms using our API. See our documentation for more info.

  2. Sign in with Google


    You can now use Google to sign in. If you already have an account you need to go connect Google under account settings, in the left nav under "Connected Accounts"

  3. Sign in with GitHub


    We launched Sign in with GitHub. You can now use GitHub as an OAuth provider to log in. If you have an existing account, navigate to account settings and click "Connected Accounts" from the left nav to add GitHub to your account.

  4. Fixed an issue with time zones


    We fixed an issue with automatic timezone detection which kept overriding the value you set in account settings.

  5. Optimized infrastructure and code


    We've made some changes and adjustment to our infrastructure and code which should've resulted in a significant speed increase especially noticeable for forms with 20k+ submissions.

  6. Improved submissions layout and bulk editing


    We've made a big change to how we show entries when viewing a form. You'll have an overview over the submissions from your form, you can click on a given submission to see all it's details.

    We've made it easier to bulk edit submissions. You can select multiple and either mark them all as spam, delete them or move them to the inbox.

    We've introduced 3 new concepts:

    Submissions that aren't spam or deleted

    Submissions that have either been marked by spam automatically or that you have moved to spam. Spam entries will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

    Submissions that you have deleted, these can either be deleted permanently from the "Trash" view or they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

  7. Custom email domains


    We just launched custom email domains with DKIM and Return-Path verification. This will ensure high deliverability of your emails using your own domain. This is available on higher plans. Along with this you also get deliverability insights meaning you can see if an email for a given submission was delivered successfully.

  8. You can now set a custom subject using a form field


    Per customer request we've made it possible to set a custom subject for the email you receive when someone submits a form via a form field. The field should be named "_subject" and any value you put in that will be set as the email subject and take presedence over the setting on the Notifications-tab.

  9. Better export functionality


    You can find the new export functionality under the Export tab for a given form. This gives you the ability to export really large datasets, and download them later on

  10. Two-factor authentication


    We've added support for Two-factor authentication for that little bit of extra security. You can enable it under the password settings, if you navigate to Account by clicking your avatar in the top right

  11. You can now have multiple webhooks


    We improved our webhooks feature and made it so you can now have multiple webhooks per form. This makes it so you can integrate with even more 3rd party services per form.

  12. Delete all submissions for a form


    Under settings, all the way at the bottom under 'Danger zone' we've now introduced a link to delete all submissions for a given form - useful if you're doing a bunch of testing before taking the form live

  13. Empty spam folder


    We've added a "Delete all spam submissions" link at the top of the list of submissions when viewing a spam submission. That makes it quicker to get rid of all those spam submissions.

  14. You can now re-order fields for a submission


    When viewing a submission it's now possible to re-order the individual fields, which will take affect in the emails you're sending etc. So if the order of your fields in your HTML form isn't how you want to order them when viewing the submission or when sending out an email - you can change their order by clicking the little "order"-icon at the top right when viewing a submission.

  15. Our first native integration 🎉


    We just launched our first native integration, which is an integration with Slack 🎉 This means that you can connect your FormBackend account to your Slack team and have it post in a given channel when a new submission comes in. Available on the Simple plan and above! 😃

  16. You can now disable the automated spam check


    If for some reason you don't want our automated spam check to run, it can now be disabled under the settings tab on a given form.

  17. Add your own subject to Submission Notification emails and reply-to changes


    You can now add your own subject to submission notification emails. If you don't specify a subject it'll be "New submission: My form".

    If a form is submitted with the field "email" the reply-to for "Submission Notification" emails will now be set to the value of that field. If no email is specified it'll continue to be [email protected]

  18. Transfer a form to another account


    If you visits a form's settings page, there's now an option to transfer it to another account. Simply turn on the transfer for the form and you'll get a unique code you can give to a user on another account and they can transfer your form and all it's submissons to their account.

  19. Form identifier is now visible and filterable on the forms page


    We now display the form identifier next to the name of a form in the list of forms - you can filter by that identifier by writing that value in the search field as well.

  20. Added some instructions of how to use place-holders in your emails


    I added some instructions of how to use place-holders in your outgoing emails.

    Things such as only showing text if a subitted value matches a given value as well as how to insert values that falls back to default text if no value is submitted.

  21. Easy way to see if a submission has an attachment


    We now show a small paperclip icon next to submissions that have attachments in the list of submissions.

  22. Contact options


    It wasn't always clear how to get in contact with me, so I have now added a form to the frontpage (using FormBackend of course 😬) and a link in the footer with my email address :)

  23. It's possible to rename/hide form fields inside of FormBackend


    Sometimes if you use a third-party form plugin for WordPress or other CMSs where you don't have control over the naming of the form fields, it could be handy if it was possible to rename the fields in FormBackend.

    That is now possible! If you double-click on a field-name when viewing a submission, you can rename it to something else. Be aware that the names HAVE to be unique. Let me know if there are any issues with it.

    You can hide fields as well by clicking on the little eye-icon next to the field when viewing a submission as well. All of this can be un-done on the settings page, where you will find two fields named "Map fields" and "Hidden fields" if you delete the corresponding line in there, it'll undo what you did on the submissions page.

  24. Files uploaded with a submission now has a preview


    If you upload an image with a submission we now show a preview of the file when viewing the submission

  25. Search and ordering


    You can now search for submitted values for a given form as well as sorting forms by name, number of submissions, created at date etc.

  26. Conditional email notifications


    It's now possible to send yourself (or others) an email if a field in your form contains a certain value. This can be useful if you need to route emails to different people based on let's say a dropdown value or similar

  27. Attachments can now be sent straight to your email


    We've accepted file uploads for a long time. But up until now we'd only send you a link to the uploaded file, together with the other submitted values when you opted in to receiving an email for each submission.

    But now there's a new setting on the Notifications tab, where you can opt-in to get the uploaded file sent along as an attachment in the email. Go try it out! 😎

  28. You can now filter your list of forms by name


    I just added a small search box at the top of your forms list, so you can filter your forms by searching for a name.

  29. Redirect to a custom URL with the submitted values from your form


    We recently introduced a new feature that makes it possible to redirect to a URL of your choice after someone submits your form - AND pass on the submitted values. Read more about this feature in our blog post [here](https://blog.formbackend.com/redirecting-to-url-form-values)

  30. Merge tags are now supported in the subject


    You can now use merge tags in the "Notify submitter subject". If you go to a given form and click "Email notifications" - enable "Send email to the person submitting the form" you can insert merge tags in the subject.

    An example could be a form that has a `name` form field. You can then add a subject: "*|NAME|* thanks for submitting the form!" - then when the user receives the email the *|NAME|* part will be replaced with the value of the `name` field.

  31. FormBackend now supports file uploads


    We just added support for file uploads via forms. We're still working out usage tiers and how to support it across the different plans, but for now you can test it out. Read more about it in this article: https://formbackend.gitbook.io/help/forms/uploading-files-via-my-form

  32. Improved spam-filtering


    We've worked on adding improved spam-filtering. That is now live. We've added a new filtering method on the submissions page for a given form, so you can chose to take a look at the submitted spam.

  33. Reporting


    We've added a (for now) simple reporting page per form, that shows the amount of entries on a given day - as well as the amount of spam filtered on a given day.

  34. Mark all fields as required


    We've added a new experimental setting where you can mark all fields as required. If a user fills out your form and doesn't fill in all of the fields, we'll show them a message on the submission page, asking them to go back and fill out all of the fields.

    Be aware, that if you turn this setting on, and redirect to another URL upon submission and all fields are not filled out - we'll do nothing. The submission won't be saved.

  35. You can now add a _redirect_to field to your form


    We just added support for a `_redirect_to` field in your forms. If you add a hidden field named `_redirect_to` we will redirect to the URL in that field upon submission. This requires a paid plan and won't be possible on a trial account.

  36. New design


    Formbackend just received a big overhaul and a completely new design. We have some interesting features planned in the near future - and the overhaul of the platform will help us ship those quickly!